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Special Solutions for Special Problems

We are a company of security professionals providing fully uniformed Security Officers throughout the San Francisco bay area. 

Our Security Officers shall perform their duties for you in a courteous and professional manner. Always carrying out duties in an efficient, conscientious, and helpful way. Our staff shall patrol their assignments in a pro-active way addressing problems as they arise and taking measures to prevent problems. Our staff are intended to serve as a visual and physical deterrent to crime for our customers, respond to calls for assistance, resolve all incidents or problems, and notify the local agencies that apply to this situation. Our staff are intended to be the eyes and ears of our customers and represent them to the public. Our staff documents all incidents, suspicious or unusual activities, and notify law enforcement when necessary. Our staff complete reports documenting the incidents and activity for which is available to the customer after being approved. 

Special Tactics And Response is a team, with every person in the company a valuable player, expected and needed to perform to their maximum capability. Special Tactics And Response's objective is to make a fair profit, achieve sales and budgeting goals, while at the same time remaining committed to high quality service and strengthening the connection between our team and our customers.

We are confident that you will be more than satisfied with the quality of services we provide. We can be reached by phone at 510-830-8363.


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