Special Tactics And Response
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Let us help you protect what is important

We are a company of security professionals working together to provide a safer living and working environment for our customers. 

Let us provide that safe environment and save money for you. 

    We are professionals at lowering costs and creating value in our services at the same time. Whether you are looking for stationary or patrol security services, we find ways to work within your budget or save you more money.  

Special Solutions for everyone!

We find special ways to provide solutions for our customers through combining roving patrols and stationary guards to fit your budget. 

Our customers tend to remain with us and we attribute this primarily to our immediate staff responsiveness to their needs and concerns, our determination to work on a problem until it is solved to everyone's satisfaction, and the continuous efforts on every management level to provide professional service.

All of our customers have praised our responsiveness and customer service since 2006!

Armed Stationary Services

Unarmed Stationary Services

Roving Patrol Services

Our recruiters find the highest trained armed security staff with law enforcement and military training and experience in order to ensure that you have the best staff for your security needs. We verify all state permits and training certifications. We provide entry level to top tier staff for our customers depending on their security needs. 

If you are looking for quality uniformed services, our recruiters are eagerly ready to provide with unarmed security professionals that selected from the entry level and top tier candidates. This allows our staff to find the right persons for your security needs. It is not only what is on paper that is needed to be reviewed and evaluated. It is also attitude for the type customer. 

We provide fully uniformed staff in marked and unmarked security patrol vehicles. This service is subject to availability of geographical areas. This service is great for customers that do not have a need for dedicated and stationary security officers on their locations. We utilize GPS and cutting edge computer equipment to document each patrol service with a picture, report, and map to our customer. All reports are automatically sent through email every day at 8AM.