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Special Tactics And Response, Inc. is a company of security professionals that provide real solutions to real problems. Our staff are eager to partner with you and provide value to you through our services. If you are looking for a private security solution give us a call and we will work to protect you and your property. 

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Deter Unwanted Activity

The purpose of our security services is to be a deterrent against criminal behavior. We believe the best prevention is through presence and enforcement of rules, policies, and laws.


  • Suspicious Activity
  • Illegal Activity
  • Specifically Theft, Burglary, Losses, and Damages
  • Water and Fire Damages
  • Lease Violations
  • Rule and Policy Violations


Our highly trained security professionals shall evaluate the environment to determine any safety concerns and criminal elements. Identifying the factors creating the environment is an important step to providing our service. 


Once the environment is evaluated, our staff shall establish a security presence and open communication between the general public, law enforcement, and our customer. This is the second step in our approach reaching a high level of confidence with all persons involved with the safety of our customers property and interests. 


Our third step in our approach is to provide a long lasting maintenance of security presence to ensure that the criminal or unwanted elements do not breed into the customer's environment. 

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