"Dedicated to the protection of your life and property"

Special Tactics And Response, Inc.

4101 Dublin Blvd Suite F521
Dublin, CA 94568
Private Patrol Operator 15745

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Our vision is to uphold the reputation of our customers by providing a safer living and/or working environment by using cutting edge technology and dedicated staff. 

Our philosophy is very simple. PROFESSIONALISM IN ALL ASPECTS OF OUR SERVICE.  This philosophy is in every part of our team.

Special Tactics And Response, Incorporated is a team, with every person in the company a valuable player, expected and needed to perform to their maximum capability. Special Tactics And Response, Incorporated's objective is to make a fair profit, achieve sales and budgeting goals, while at the same time remaining committed to high quality service and strengthening the connection between our team and our customers.


Special Tactics And Response was founded in 2006. Special Tactics And Response, Incorporated is a local security contract company.  We chose to remain a medium size security company by choice to better serve our clients.  We have a management support staff that would rival a company with double the number of security officers.  Our corporate headquarters is within the San Francisco Bay Area, allowing the President of the company and top level managers to be immediately available to answer client concerns and resolve problems as they occur.  As you will see, we are innovative, aggressive in our attempts to obtain the goals we have defined, always seeking further knowledge, and always challenged. 


Our customers tend to remain with us and we attribute this primarily to our immediate staff responsiveness to their needs and concerns, our determination to work on a problem until it is solved to everyone's satisfaction, and the continuous efforts on every management level to provide professional service.


We use smart phones and tablets with quick and simple drop down reporting menus to streamline the reporting, maximize on site visibility, and reduce your risk and liability. 


Instead of traditional hand written DARs our officers are provided varied reporting options that enable them to report easily throughout their shift.


  1. Issue types can be completely customized and worded for your industry and specific property.
  2. At your choosing any issues or incidents reported can trigger a notification to the necessary parties (i.e. managers, maintenance supervisors or teams, and issue specific vendors).
  3. All issues are prioritized based on the scope of service at each property and according to your needs.

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Special Tactics And Response 

4101 Dublin Blvd Suite F521
Dublin, CA 94568

Private Patrol Operator 15745